Posted by: Jess | December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

HEYYYY, loves. I, for one, am in a FABULOUS mood. I’ve had a GREAT day, it’s just one of those days where everything seems to go RIGHT?! Love it.

Some PURCHASES as of late…

100_4116 100_4121

100_4205 100_4201

YES, that’s right. I have a total of 6 holes in my head 😉 Just got the bottom cartilage piercing TODAY. LOVE IT!

I have been trying to INCREASE my protein, as I definitely want to continue to BUILD muscle. Muscle=protein=FUEL. 100_3907 100_4037 100_4039 100_4052 100_4053 100_4054 100_4061 100_4062 100_4069 100_4123 100_4137 100_4140 100_4187 100_4188 100_4189 100_4191 100_4196

But, not to worry, I’ve been getting LOTS of veggies in as well! 100_3463 100_3467 100_3908 100_3909 100_4044 100_4045 100_4046 100_4047 100_4048 100_4059 100_4070 100_4071 100_4076 100_4140 100_4196


HOMEMADE BREAD! The first is “normal” & the second is “honey grain.” Ohemgee. So amazing! 100_4049 100_4051


New Year’s Resolutions, Anyone? Or rather. INTENTIONS!

I’m not hyper-crazy about “New Years” or anything, but I LOVE goals, any time of the year!

1. Save Money. License is in LESS than 3 months. Goal: 2,200 dollars by then. Doable! (I will be buying a car in the near future 😀 )

2. Exercise 5-6 times a week, and get better about taking a rest day 1x/week.


4. Flow more often. (yoga it upppp!)

5. Stop stressing so much about school. We only live once!

6. Kick the Diet Soda addition problem to the curb.

7. Grow deeper in my relationship w/ the Lord. (that is #1)

8. Improve this blog! (Suggestions?)

Happy New Year!

My night will be spent eating roasted veggies, catching up on blogs, and hanging with the FAMMMMM!



  1. #5 and #7 are on there for me! they go hand in hand, right?!

  2. I love your goals, jess! I can relate to most of them, so we can keep each other on track! 🙂 Good luck with them, I know you will do great!

  3. Happy New Year Love 🙂 LOVE the chicken 🙂

  4. love your eatss!!!! i love the protein kick! i def want to improve the blog, get stronger , do more yoga and exercise!

  5. I have plenty of holes and piercings…and i dig your new carti piercing…Rock it, sista! 🙂

  6. The piercings look great! I used to have three holes in my ear, back in the day 🙂
    Your goals sound great, good luck with them, but remember if you want to build muscle you don’t need to focus on protein, just focus on calories. Eat more than you burn, and continue lifting/working out!

  7. Your food looks awesome! I like your goals as well. My #1 goal is to become closer to Jesus as well. If we do that then I know he wil help us with all of our other resolutions.

  8. You have wonderful goals! I too would like to get stronger and yoga it up more! 🙂

    Happy New Year! I hope that 2011 is a wonderful one for you.

  9. mmmm the peas on your sammie look DELICIOUS! and i don’t even like peas haha

    glad today has been so great! it means its gonna be an awesome year 🙂

  10. wow i really wish I was in your kitchen eating out of your pantry/fridge. you eats look so good! great goals for the new year; happy 2011!

  11. Great looking eats – I’m loving the pb chocolate oats!! I’m with you on the protein factor too! 🙂

    Also love your new purchases, espc the spoon and starbs to go cup!!

    Happy New Year!

  12. Love your goals girl! Yoga is actually one of mine too!!!!

    LOVE little spoons!!!!!!! So cute ! I have that starbucks cup too but not the exact one, yours is the christmas one, I saw that there, love it!

    Happy New year love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxo

  13. Love the holes 😉 I have always wanted to get mine up high…but I was afraid of it really hurting! Does it??

    These spoons are fab, I must get one!


    • it really isn’t THAT bad! 🙂 It hurts for a split second (like the others) but is more tender/sore after. But nothing too bad! Totally worth it!

  14. i bought those spoons last week too!!! i bought the colored ones. too bad they are forever backordered!

  15. happy new year gorgeous!
    looks like one hell of a yummy new years 😉

  16. what kind of soup is that by the sweet potato? that looks like a nearly perfect meal!

    • it was split pea (ham too) and SO good!

  17. great list of goals lady! i think i should add learn how to cook meat to my list of goals for 2011. your chicken pics look yummmmy!

  18. Your food looks gorgeous as always, and great intentions ; )

  19. Okay I seriously want one of the spoons! I can’t find them online! Could you pleaseee send me a link? I would love you forever!

  20. Love you gorgeous girl!!! I have 8 holes in my head…but usually wear between 5-6! I hope your week is off to a great start! you will achieve your awesome goals!

  21. mmmmmmmmm i love diet soda!! i dont think I could ever kick that addiction……….. but i try to only allow it for myself a couple times a week!

    love your eats! everytime i read your blog I am jealous of your Chobani loving!! MAN, why is it so expensive?!

    thanks for all of the sweet comments on my blog!!


  22. Can’t beat homemade bread!


  23. Diet soda is my vice!! Hey, I don’t drink, smoke, or do drugs so I think I can allow myself a diet dink once in awhile 🙂

    I’ve made homemade bread too! I think it’s so much better than store bought bread. It’s probably the gratification that I get from making it with my own two hands, that makes it better!

  24. Wow girl, you have had some fantastic eats lately! And LOVE the new piercings. I’ve tried to get the top of my ear pierced before (a few diff times) and it’s always gotten infected. hmmm… TMI? haha

    Have a great weekend!

  25. I gotta say, I love that quilt/bedspread/whatever it is in your first two pictures! That white and green combo – super cute!

    And what tasty eats! 🙂

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