Posted by: Jess | January 11, 2011


High Protein-Peanut Butter-Egg White Oats!!

Hey LOVES! I know it can be a struggle to get PROTEIN in at times, but here is a DELICIOUS breakfast that packs ~25 grams of protein.


  • 1/2 cup oats, 1 cup water
  • 1/2 banana (or a whole!)
  • 1 egg white (stirred in at the end of cooking)
  • cinnamon/vanilla


  • 1/4 cup peanut flour+1/4 cup water (1-2 drops stevia)
  • brown sugar
  • kashi cereal
  • a few mini-chocolate chips



    I’m off to catch up on blogs and enjoy my “snow” day!

    Up next: LUNCH+workout!

    ❤ jess



    1. ohhh I have all these ingredients, minus the kashi. But I bet a crumbled cliff z bar would be a good replacement. Enjoy your snow day, yippeee!

    2. thanks for the recipe love! that is pretty much how I like to make mine, too…and I could eat that for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

    3. oo this sounds great! i always put 2 egg whites in my oatmeal.. but i must try that pb flour and kashi combo!

    4. Love this! I added peanutflour to my oats the other day and loved it! Been adding it to everything! Crazy addict! lol!

      Love you and hope you enjoyed your snow day! xo

    5. oats are always great for breakfast!!

    6. I do love a hearty breakfast somedays and this looks great! I can’t eat the Kashi, but when I did, I loved it 🙂


    7. Mmmm, looks like a filling and tasty breakfast! Thanks for sharing!

    8. looks delicious!
      Just wanted to let you know you got an award on my blog today!

    9. I am so sad that I can’t eat nuts…enjoy an extra helping of your wonderful recipe on my behalf please!

    10. Sounds deeelicious!
      I’ve got to try this peanut butter flour sometime. I’ve read about it on several blogs, and I’m sure I’d love it!

    11. yes, totally enjoy any snow day you get. theyre the best ❤ and better with oatmeal too! plus the protein gives u extra energy to tackle snowmen, snowball fights and snow angels hehe ❤ xo

    12. Yum- that looks like dessert for breakfast!! And a great way to get in protein!

    13. Jess – I love this! Oatmeal with nut butters and nuts?! Yes please – with a generous dolloping of maple syrup of course 😉

      Thank you so much for still coming to my blog – I love it 🙂

    14. sounds like a great way to sneak protein in at breakfast!
      i love eating quinoa because it’s a complete protein…you can eat it like hot breakfast cereal, too! 🙂

    15. this definitely must be high protein. I think 90% of the ingredients are a protein source! looks yum!

    16. Yummm those look so delish!

    17. ooo! yummy sounding recipe my dear! i haven’t tried the egg in the oatmeal thing yet but i see it everywhere. must try soon!

    18. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    19. Too funny…I’ve actually been making this a lot lately since I ran out of my protein powder. I never added brown sugar (I’ve been adding stevia) or cereal but I do think it would give it a good crunch 🙂


    20. stellar use of peanut flour! i love how it gets everything so thick and delicious and with all it’s peanut buttery goodness 🙂 have a great night girl!

    21. That looks so warm and gooey 🙂 Yay for oatmeal!


    22. Yum, what a DELICIOUS way to get in loads of protein! Great job!

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