Posted by: Jess | January 23, 2011


I am feeling QUITE uncreative this evening (out of pure exhaustion, lots of good ideas, but brain wants QUIET)…

I hope EVERYONE had a great weekend ❤

Cleaning stuff off my cameraaaaa!


I have been obsessed with black and white food pics lately…Love the simplicity!!

This week’s goal:


I had some DELICIOUS eats today, but didn’t whip out my cameraaaa.

This week is my school’s HOMECOMING! Tomorrow is PJ day. Um, can I get a HECK YES? Pretty excited to wear my Uggs as well.

HOPE TO POST AGAIN SOON! School will calm down, eventually…

Something I’ve been loving lately!!

Danon Greek Yogurt: HONEY-FLAVORED.

I SWEAR it tastes like icing. And it’s CHEAP(ER). GO buy it, NOW!

Love you all.

Catching up on your beautifullll blogs ❤


  1. your foods look so crisp and cool. want to come to RI and make them for me? honey flavored greek yogurt tastes like frosting? well i was already on my way to the store and you’ve convinced me to make another purchase…

  2. yay cant wait for more pics!! yummy eats girl!! have fun at homecoming 😀

  3. Love when you post all the food pics, its alos a fun way to remember what the heck you have been eating, lol!

    Homecoming! Oh so cool! I know you will look beautiful, and please post pics or a pic of you in your dress! SO glad you and the boy are doing great ; )

    Have a great day, being a bum and wearing uggs sounds like a comfy monday!

    Love uggs, the best!

    Love ya! xoxo

  4. I love it when you clean out your camera. Such great shots! Have a great PJ day!

  5. you always make the crave breakfast food 😉
    Good luck with your goal! I will surely apprechiate it!

  6. Heck Yes!! Rock those Uggs and PJ’s girl! Ahhh how I miss those days…


  7. I am drooling over those food pictures – they look so good! Especially that apple oatmeal one! YUM! Have fun at Homecoming and PJ Day! 🙂

  8. I’ve never tried a black and white food photo, but I love the idea. I’m into black and white photos and I want them at my wedding, when I get married 🙂

    I don’t really like Dannon’s greek yogurt, but I’ve never tried the honey, I usually get plain then add my own “sweeteners” because everything else gives my stomach problems. I’m a big fan of Chobani and Trader Joe’s Greek yogurt though!

  9. YAY starbuckssss

  10. Your sweet potatoes always look so fluffy and delicious!!

  11. I want to see food AND Homecoming AND pj day pictures!! I love black and white food pictures as well 🙂

  12. black n’ white are always classy 🙂 lovin your blog Jess!


  13. i just love the look of those seductive little green apples smothered in nut butter like that! haha. of course, it couldn’t be complete without some delightful sweet potato mixed in the photo collage, yay!! even the peas and cauliflower look scrumptious!! ❤

  14. Have fun at homecoming… and getting to wear your pjs to school! I wish that was still acceptable at my age 🙂

  15. PJ’s day? I feel so old! My 5-year-old has a similar day at school!

    Your photos are fantastic!

  16. I also LOVE that yogurt variety. Another fav of mine is Chobani pineapple greek yogurt. So tropical! Sometimes I stir in some shredded coconut 🙂 Mmmmm

  17. Mmm, I’m going to look for that yogurt! Sounds delish!

  18. cheaper yogurt is SOoooo much better 🙂

    lovin the pics!

  19. have a great time at homecoming! what an exciting time!

    p.s. thanks for the yogurt tip, you had me at icing.

  20. omg I just discovered the new Dannon Greek yogurt as well. SO good:)

  21. PJ day- my dream come true! 😀

  22. Beautiful photos, have fun wearing your PJ’s!!


  23. well well well…look who found a new home! HEY HONEY!!!!!!! =)

  24. I love sweet potatoes. And yogurt. WOw, I go through so much yogurt per day…like a 500 g tub easily 😦

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