Posted by: Jess | February 4, 2011

In a FUNK!

Hey gorgeous galsss!! Hope you all have had a FANTASTIC week. I’ve been in a bit of a FUNK over here. Busy-ish weekend will hopefully get me OUT OF IT! It’s been a rainy, cold, and dreary week.

BUTTT, I have homecoming photos for you!!

DSC_0196DSC_0199DSC_0201DSC_0206100_4273100_4276100_4278100_4279100_4281100_4285100_4288100_4289100_4290 (2)100_4294

It was SUCH a FUNNN night, dancing for 4 hours—I was SORE as all get out the next day or so. Dancing IS a workout. Don’t let ANYONE tell you that it’s not Winking smile

Some eats as of late…100_4206100_4211DSC_0299DSC_0302DSC_0909DSC_0911DSC_0912DSC_0915DSC_0916DSC_0918DSC_0922DSC_0923DSC_0925DSC_0927

This weekend will be spent doing some homework, CAR shopping, continuing to read you guys’ lovely blogs, and RELAXING.

I did an awesome 55 minutes of yoga today+20 minutes of abs. It was low-key and PERFECT for a Friday workout after a longgg week!

How do YOU get out of a FUNK?!


  1. LOVE the homecoming pictures!!! Yippie you look sooooo pretty! LOVE your nails :o) Awesome awesome awesome! To get out of a funk I like to read a good book and drink tea 🙂 Have a nice weekend and I hope you get a car hehe

  2. oh you are one gorgeous gal! I love the pics! Good luck car shopping. that would get me out of a funk in no time.

  3. Dance! And read your blog – because you are just a ball of joy.

    You look gorgeous! Perfect color dress! Are you getting a car??? Eeek!!! Fun – but cars are sucking out my money – I am so close to just getting rid of it and taking the bus everywhere…but it’s worth crap to sell and I’d only end up with an enormous loan to still pay off – oops…;)

  4. dancing is SUCH a workout!! when i have a night out with the girls.. its CRAZY how much dancing and exercise we get out of it-hah! you look so pretty and im glad it was fun!

  5. You look amazing in your homecoming dress!! I LOVE it! And your hair looks fabulous too, wow, I miss dressing up like that.

    When I’m in a funk I just do things that make me happy; get a hair cut, bake yummy cookies, go to coffee with friends, etc. IT will pass. I hope it’s fast!

  6. gorgeous photos!!!!! Love the mani too!!! They are always so much fun to get!! 😀

  7. Omigosh, you look so pretty in your dress!! 🙂 I like to take a nice bath with my favorite book and hot tea when I’m in one of my funks- it always works!

  8. You look lovely! Blogging, reading, cooking and going on long walks are my mood boosters!

  9. Oh my gosh, you look gorgeous! Just stunning! Love your dress! Such a pretty color! Glad you had such a fun time!

  10. Love your homecoming dress and your nails looked perfect!
    To get outta a fun you just gotta relax and read a book or do something that is just for you, something you want to do. Like exercise, take a hot bath and read, sit in a quiet bookstore and browse their books etc.
    Have fun looking for cars!

  11. awww your funk will pass! i usually just watch hours and hours of mindless reality tv to get out of a funk! haha watching teen mom makes me realize my funk isn’t that bad hahaha

  12. dancing is my favorite form of cardio!!! You look so gorgeous, girl. Your radiance just shines through in those pictures. I hope your funk passes very soon…I always find that a good workout or a bubble bath makes me feel brand new!

  13. Agreed – dancing is a wonderful workout! I love all of the homecoming pictures – you looked gorgeous! The dress was pretty as well! 🙂

  14. stunning pictures! i get out of a funk by doing stuff that i normally don’t do. i just picked up rockclimbing and its sort of getting me out of my funk. slowly but surely.

  15. You look so great for homecoming!! You have baby nail beds like me 🙂
    I usually get out of a funk by getting back into my normal routine… Hope you’re feeling better!

  16. wow-you have MUCH better style than i did when i was your age! your manicure is perfect!!
    you look soooo pretty!
    getting out of a funk-sunshine and good music 🙂

  17. you look stunning, girl, absolutely gorgeous! hope homecoming was everything you hoped it would be! 🙂

  18. love those gorgeous photos of you gril!!
    you’re glowing

  19. You look absolutely stunning!

    When I’m in a funk I blast fun music and get my groove on. Makes me happy no matter what.

  20. Love the dress. You look beautiful!

  21. Aww look at you all pretty and what-not. 🙂
    I like that dress!


  22. You look SO beautiful!!! Wishing you lots of happiness and ❤ to get outta that funkkkk!

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