Posted by: Jess | February 21, 2011


Currently watching…


I have not forgotten about this lil’ blog of mine. (Even though my google reader may show a different story..) I have LOTS of ideas for posts in the near future! I hope to get a “real” post up in the next day or so.

I caved and ordered some protein powder!! I decided on 100% Whey Biochem (Chocolate Fudge Flavaaaa)!! I REALLY hope I like it. Can’t wait to make all the delicious eats I’ve been eying for months..PROTEIN PANCAKES anyone?!

I also finally found the new Chobani flavors!! Mango+Lemon+Black Cherry. I’ve only tried the lemon, and LOVED IT!

I swear the next post will be EXCITING! And SOON!


  1. I watched the bachelor too – obsessed with it…

  2. IM WAtching the bachelor right now!! cnt wait for your post!

  3. I’m watching the Bachelor right this minute too! Random, haha!

  4. They made a mango Chobani?! AHHHH – I can’t wait until it hits the stores near me. I love mango! 🙂

  5. nice to see you back to posting 🙂 hope your protein pancakes turn out well!

  6. Hi, I like your blog. I’m trying to gain weight and have a really really hard time. Grains make me feel heavy. And all foods leave me stuffed. I eat a lot of dairy and worry I’m overdoing it. I also eat a lot of chicken and squash, potatoes, eggs, nuts, and more. I always feel full.
    What is a typical day of eating like for you right now? It looks like you eat in snacks here and there. That yogurt and apple bowl, and then the other plate of fruit and meat – that seems doable. Do you have realistic ideas? Not too many calories to scare me at first? And what is a healthy weight gain per week for a person not exercising? Is it okay to not do any exercise? How much dairy is too much?
    You can send me an email to the private one I provide if that is okay. You seem like a nice girl.

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