Posted by: Jess | February 28, 2011

ABC’s of Me!

I’m a copycat. I saw these ABC’s on Erika’s blog & decided to do it myself Open-mouthed smile
[A] Age: Let’s just say High School to be safe! Winking smile
[B] Bed Size: Full
[C] Chore You Hate: SWEEPING. I absolutely hateeee it. I do a bad job, too.
[D] Dogs: Yep! I have one MUT. Love her, but she’s not the brightest Winking smile
[E] Essential Start Your Day Item: GREEK YOGURT—I have it 4-5/7 days of the week. Love it! P.S I tried the Black Cherry and Lemon new Chobani flavors. LOVE THEM!


[F] Favorite Color: I like lots, but I LOVE blue.
[G] Gold or Silver: SILVER 100%.
[H] Height: 5 foot 6 inches.
[I] Instrument You Play: NADA. But I played the guitar for a short period of time!
[J] Job Title: Student.
[K] Kids: DEFINITELY. I love kids ❤
[L] Live: The South
[M] Mom’s Name: Starts with an “S” & that’s all you’re getting! Winking smile
[N] Nicknames: Jess, Jess Bess, Jessie, Psycho-J.
[O] Overnight Hospital Stay: Nope!
[P] Pet Peeve: Excessive complaining.
[Q] Quote From a Movie: The one from the Notebook popped in my head right away. “Why didn’t you write me? I wrote you everyday for a year!”
[R] Right or Left Handed: Right handed.
[S] Siblings: Two brothers! LOVE them!
[T] Time You Wake Up: 6:30 on school days, 8:15-9:15 ish on weekends!
[U] Underwear: Duhhhh.
[V] Vegetable You Dislike: NONE. I love them ALL. (that I’ve tried at least!)
[W] What Makes You Tick: Please see pet peeve.
[X] X-rays You’ve Had Done: I’ve had X-rays done for my knees during physical therapy!
[Y] Yummy Food You Make: Everything Open-mouthed smile But Friday night’s dinner was INCREDIBLE. Lettuce with tomatoes, cucumber, mushrooms, turkey (deli meat), roasted sweet potato, roasted carrots, and hummus/salsa. DELICIOUS!


It was HUGE. Hence, the PHONE reference!!
[Z] Zoo, Favorite Animal: I love the cute furry ones! I’ve been to the zoo like 1-2 times ever!
More food picssss!!


SO…y’all expressed interest in doing an FAQ! Let’s do it. Ask me ANYTHING (within reason…) in either the comments or email me at!
Off to eat some PEANUT BUTTAAA!
❤ jess


  1. love this!! 🙂

  2. cute heart shaped plate! i need to do one of these surveys soon. they are so to read and learn more about everyone. have a lovely day!

  3. YUM salad!! wow i didnt know you were so tall!!!.. okay question: what is your workout schedule like? if you have a usual one!

  4. I need to try this hummus & salsa combo that everyone always has!
    Q: Do you bring your lunch to school or buy?

  5. i am such an excessive complainer. i’m sorry in advance for annoying you 😉

    go enjoy that peanut butttttttttttttttttah

  6. So cute! Hope you enjoy your PB, chica!

    We have a mutt too and he’s not the smartest either. 😉

  7. I loved this. And YES sweet potatoes!! 🙂 Just as good as Squash 🙂

    Loved this info! I’m a huge greek yogurt fan myself.

  8. I loved reading these 😀
    & I also love sweet potatoes! Those look perfect.


  9. I love doing questionnaires like that 🙂 quick way to get people to know a lot about you in a little bit of time!

    P.s. I love kabocha squash!! (looked like that was in your bowl :-))

  10. I love hearing about you! And the iPhone reference is awesome!! Nicely done.

  11. hey girlie!!
    weeeee I love your ABC’s!! it’s fun to learn more about the chica behind the bloggy!
    I hope youve been having a great week!

  12. I LOVE hummus + salsa together on salads…better than dressing!! 🙂 Loved hearing more about you!!

  13. Loved your ABC’s! Glad my post inspired you! 😀

  14. mmmm that gigantic salad/sweet tater bowl sounds awesssssome! i need to buy hummus asap. or make it?

  15. I love these things! They are such a great way to learn more about different bloggers!

  16. I love kids too 🙂 This was really cool to learn about you! Thanks for sharing girl 🙂

  17. I love these kinds of posts.
    I am a huge fan of blue too, and purple.
    Like you, there is no vegetable I don’t like! And, my favorite is sweet potato. Yum.

    I’m not a huge fan of Chobani, but it’s super popular at our store. My favorite Greek yogurt is probably the Fage 2% plain, with fruit and unsweetened cocoa!

  18. Love this post!! I have been loving reading everyones!!!!

    I hate complainers too!!! I just think its a waste of time! Life is too short!

    Love u! xoxo ❤

  19. Hey! I have that heart plate! So cute 🙂 I love the A-Z! Might have to copy you too! 🙂 Hugs

  20. Hummus + salsa + sweet potatoes = amazing!
    Love this post – & I’m definitely going to have to try lemon chobani!

  21. LOVE your salad beast! cheetahs are always such an amazing addition to salads and i love when they can add that extra crunch! loved reading your abc’s and learning all about you 🙂

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