Posted by: Jess | March 18, 2011


So, a new


opened up about 3 miles from my house. I’ve been their twice in the past 24 hours. My parent’s wallet is already in so much pain.


I could TRY and remember all that I put in that thanggg. But for your sake, I won’t.

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Clearly, I’ve been hitting the VEGGIES pretty hard lately…and loving it!
I have a CRAZY busy weekend homework-wise. BUT, I see the light at the end of this tunnel.
Birthday countdown: ONE WEEK FROM TOMORROW!!
Will make time for all of your lovely blogs for sure ❤


  1. I have a Whole Foods about 3 miles from me too! It’s so convienent and I always do my weekly grocery shopping there. Enjoy the foodie fun! 🙂

    Love all the veggies! Those salads look fabulous!


  2. mmmm everything looks so delicious. I want to eat the computer screen, haha! Whole foods is worht every penny though no?!

    happy EARLY bday love!

  3. MM veggies!!
    My closest Whole Foods is 4 hours away 😦 I’ve only been there once and I was jumping up and down because I was so happy the whole time. ha. For now I just stick to my little natural grocery stores. Maybe someday my little town will get one 😛

  4. Exciting!! I love it when new grocery stores (especially AWESOME ones) show up in the neighborhood. I think at first it’s ok to spend some extra dough, as long as it’s not something that goes on forever…it’s called “Whole Paycheck” for a reason!

    Happy almost birthday 🙂

  5. YAY happy EARLY bday!! WOW WF twice in 24 hours- LOVE YOU
    love all your funky camera angles girl!

  6. Oh my gosh, I’d be broke too if I lived near a Whole Food’s!!! Luckly, it’s 40 miles away.

  7. oh I love whole foods. I go there whenever possible too! Maybe thats why I am now put on a budget. haha.

  8. hahaha oh lord a brand new WF right by your house! you’re definitely in trouble! i’m glad mine is like a 25 minute drive so atleaast i have to save it for the weekends!

  9. Love all your veggies! You can never get enough of those! Lucky girl having a Whole Foods so close, there’s not any of them in my entire state. Have a great week!

  10. YUM! One can never go wrong with Whole Foods hot bar:)

  11. I spend my life in Whole Foods… It’s bad news for my wallet too 🙂

  12. I would get in good shape going to and fro whole foods on little jogs if there was one that close to me! my wallet would definitely get a workout too though

  13. I love going to Whole Foods – it’s like an adventure everytime! However, the foods are rather pricey. I can definitely see how it earned the nickname “Whole Paycheck.” Haha. 😉

  14. Whole Paycheck, yessss! 😀 The money is well spent, though, especially on veggies the size of your head!

  15. Yummy! Lotsa veggies!

  16. Yay for Whole Foods and lots of veggies 🙂

  17. You totally got a Whole Foods for your birthday! Definitely the gift that keeps on giving 🙂

  18. is that a sweet potato you’re reaching for?? mmm i’d reach for it too! i’d kill for the chance to hit up whole food’s buffet/deli bar right about now! nom nom nom ❤

    ps. lets just hope ur wallet gets a little heavier again too hehe ❤

  19. No WF’s here – boo 😦

    What is that awesome looking veggie/sauce dish??!! LOVE sauce!

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