Posted by: Jess | April 25, 2011

Day’s Worth of EATS!!

HEY ALL!! Happy Monday!! I had today OFF from school, so I took full advantage of my day off…

I woke up around 8:30 after a glorious 9 hours of sleep…in which I dreamt I was pregnant with TWINS. Breakfast was first on the “agenda!”


Organic strawberry Greek yogurt + Kashi Golean cereal + strawberries + blueberries + 1/2 banana + drizzle of Justin’s Chocolate hazelnut butter

After cleaning the BATHROOM (EW), I headed to the gym. Abdominals + Bicep/Triceps + Legs = one SWEATY mess.

I was JUST as sweaty as I would have been after doing cardio!! LOVE it!!

But I did do some cardio YESTERDAY…I was ITCHING to get real sweaty, and it was just what the doctor ordered Winking smile

Upon arriving home, I made my brothers lunch and cleaned up the kitchen. I was looking forward to some ROASTED VEGGIES alllllll through my workout.


Roasted carrots, butternut squash, okra, and brussel sprouts + grilled chicken + granny smith apple

Tried OKRA for the FIRST TIME!! LOVED it!!

I decided to tackle my closet + dresser after lunch. Got rid of a good amount of clothes! I organized it all as well.

Anyone else really enjoy organizing their rooms?!


I also did some reading for SCHOOL…YUCK, the “S” word. Tomorrow. Too soon.


I could NOT decide what I wanted for dinner tonight! My dad was out golfing, so my mom didn’t want to make a meal. I was on my own, which I actually REALLY enjoy!! But literally, NOTHING sounded good.


Kashi Chicken Florentine + LOTS of steamed broccoli


I received this Camelbak GROOVE water bottle from this LOVELY girl’s giveaway!! I LOVE IT!! I’ve drank three today. More than I ever do.

To reward all that water drinking, some FRESCA was necessary. DSC_0472

More snackage that I’m currently enjoying!!


apple + dried apricots + raisins + copious amounts of peanut butter

I’m REALLY trying to FUEL my body ADAQUATELY with enough food and protein!!

I am off to EAT more!! My metabolism is on FIYAAAA!!



  1. I enjoy organizing almost anything (of mine) I’m weird that way 😛

  2. oooh your eats look delish!

  3. Hey girl! Glad you updated! 🙂

    Pregnant with twins, huh? That’s some serious stuff! If I had a dream like that I’m pretty sure my husband would faint just hearing about it. 😉 Okay not really, but he definitely might have a spike in blood pressure.

    I love organizing and cleaning and decluttering! I’ve actually been doing a lot of that this past month. We’re having a yard sale in a couple of weeks so I’m trying to clear stuff out for that. 🙂

  4. I spy CHOCOLATE HAZELNUT BUTTAH. I have that water bottle in orange, best invention ever! I use it every day.


  5. yay love your eats!! and NICE workout! i love working the muscles HARD! i ttoes wna try choc hazelnutbutter!

  6. Fabulous eats!!! That breakfast looks SO good.

    Wait a few years on the twins though, ok? 😉

  7. You were so productive!! Way to be!! 🙂 I LOVE organizing all of my bedroom and it’s messyness LOL. All of your eats looks delish. Have a good day at school!

  8. pregnant with twin jars of nut butter? haha
    eats look yum. I’m such a fan of roasted veggies!! okra is interesting, I put it in gumbo once…
    so much cleaning!! I love cleaning and organizing, although my favorite thing is washing the dishes:)

  9. oh i love how you mix up your oats! i totally make big mish-mash bowls, too! that way i can get a bite of everything w/ each spoonful! 🙂 have a good day back at school! 🙂
    oh – and as for organizing, i’m SUPER anal about keeping my notes & school stuff in order but my room is a total disaster. 🙂

  10. I’m so happy you like the waterbottle!! The pink color is pretty. 😀 Way to go for fueling your body well. It definitely deserves it!

  11. yums your bfast looks deeelish! my coworker just said “can you stop drooling” as he caught be gawking it lol

  12. Haha, what a funny dream!

    Breakfast looks good!

    Love how organized your clothes are!

  13. When everything is clean and organized I feel so much better!! But cleaning the bathroom is the WORST chore everrrr.

  14. your oats look so good! And nothing beats having a nice organized space around you 🙂 It’s hard to always have that though!!

  15. omg that is one serious dream lol.

    glad you’ve been doing well chica! 🙂

  16. i love okra too! no body else finds it appealing but i like to dip it in ketchup….OF COURSE!

  17. HEY girl!! Just found ya!! Your eats look DELICIOUS and seriously awesome workout!! I LOVE that you are fuelling your body properly too thats the BEST! 😀

    Have a great weekend!! 🙂

  18. Hahaha, I always have the weirdest dreams! Love the chocolate pb drizzle on your oats- HEAVEN!

  19. I’ve found that fueling right is all about YOUR body. Everyone is so different that it just takes a little experimenting. I find that roasted vegetables fuel me so well; yours look delicious! I really like organizing during and after, but actually getting started is usually a chore. It feels so good once I’m done though!

  20. Mmm kashi chicken forentine is my favorite Dinn EVER! I love those things!! :)And love all the veggies in this post; totally like me:)

  21. I love Justin’s chocolate almond butter. The hazelnut looks yummy too! I am going to have to try it!

  22. Pregnancy dreams scare the heck out of me! I love organizing pretty much anything. Must be an obsessive compulsive gene

  23. ps-I’ve been meaning to ask you, did you ever send those nakd bars!?!?! I’m so so so excited to try them and really hope that they haven’t gotten lost in the post! Thanks girlie and great eats! (of course!)

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