Posted by: Jess | May 16, 2011

Update + Progress Pictures!!

HEY LOVELY LADIES!! I’ve been BUSAYYYYY to the max with school ending, soccer coming to a close, EXAMS BEING SO CLOSE…

4 more days of class + 4 days of exams thennnnn I’M DONE!!

I had the BEST workout EVERRR tonight. I’ve been changing up my arms & legs workouts to include HEAVIER weights + LESS reps + new moves and I can already tell how much stronger I’ve become.




On the FOOD front, I’ve been trying to EAT MORE…my workouts are HARD, and they leave me EXHAUSTED if I don’t fuel myself right.


I tried CHIA SEED OATBRAN!! It was good…but I must be honest. It did notttt fill me up AT ALL. I was hungry 2 hours later. NOT okay Winking smile

LOVE YOU ALL!! Be back MORE OFTEN when school’s out—SOO excited. I’m excited to GET A JOB (fingers crossed!!), be able to workout WHENEVER (new fitness classes!!), and cook more Open-mouthed smile

❤ jess



  1. UMM look at those guns girl! dayumm 😉 yes definitely need to eat more when you’re working out more & building those muscles! :)))


  2. seriously about the chia seeds? How much did you use?
    you ARE getting strong! more food = stronger and more energy for sure. Loving the eats, they look so filling!
    how do you usually do protein for breakfast?

  3. You are beast!

  4. Hang in there – SO CLOSE!!! Good luck on the exams! I know you’ll rock them. 🙂

    You look awesome! It’s always so exciting to see progress. And love all the eats. I definitely need to make squash again soon!

  5. those are some big plates of food, looks delicious! Good luck on youe exams and everything 🙂 gooo muscles!!!

  6. Woohoo girl! You are SO close to finishing school! Keep up the awesome attitude and you will totally rock all of your exams:)

  7. You look so strong and muscular! Way to be 🙂
    Love the eats too!
    best of luck as you finish out this school year<33

  8. I’m so excited for you and your summer break. I remember those awesome days of just enjoying life. I hope you find a fabulous job and get a chance to relax!!

  9. WOOHOO LOVE UR MUSCLE GIRL!! i miss hearing from u! post more often, kay!!!?? 😀

  10. nice arms, chica! yeah for lifting weights & eating more!
    i eat chia seed oats for my preworkout meal – good, slow-burning carbs & the chia seeds keep me hydrated. never tried them to fill me up, though. oats never usually cut it for me in the purely satiating department!
    good luck w/ exams! i feel your pain (except i’m still in midterms & having finals-envy of you people who are almost done). 🙂

  11. girl you are STRONG! You can totally see definition in your arm pics. keep on going!! I agree that you’ve gotta eat a lot to fuel good workouts. I know i haven’t eaten enough when I feel weak and exhausted after exercising! your food is absolutely delicious though so you should have no problem with that! 😀

  12. i subscribed to your youtube account!

  13. oh snap! I didn’t know I was coming to a gun show =) great job sweetie!

  14. wooohooo nice arms girl!

  15. Just imagine me wolf whistling at your arms! 😉

  16. Holy muscles! Missed your posts girl, glad to hear from you 🙂

  17. wow, love those arms girl!! You look fit. Good luck with the last of school. you got this.

  18. YEAH for lifting heavy and EATING MORE! That’s what it’s all about girl! And you are getting ripped!

  19. will you train me, I need to work on my arms!!

  20. OH my gosh you look so awesome!!! yeahhhhh isnt fueling for muscles the BEST?! get it girl- proud of you!!!

  21. Yay! your back and building muscle ..awesome. I agree with the chia seeds, maybe Im not eating enough?

  22. WOW lady!!!! You look fantastic!

  23. Strong is awesome! Glad you’re enjoying your strength training! I hope to concentrate on that more too, now that my marathon is over!

  24. WOAH LOVE YOUR GUNS!!! Seriously girl they are rockin’ and I LOVE your eats!! 😀

  25. Hey! Just found your blog 🙂 I will be following, and adding you to my blogroll 🙂

  26. Hey, sorry, this is my blog

  27. Dang girl check out dem GUNSS! 😀


  28. Congrats on almost being done with school, and how exciting about the idea of getting REAL JOB!!! Good for you. The real world is a lot of fun, most of the time 😉

    Love the muscle shots. You’re getting buff! I love arm muscles. I am proud of mine too, and excited to show them off this summer. Keep up the good work!

  29. your progress pics are amazing!!! congrats on all your progress, Jess!!!! 🙂

  30. way to go !
    those plates of food look like delicious healthy fuel

  31. […] legs + triceps/biceps workout!! HEY LADIES!! Thanks for ALL the responses on my last post. Love […]

  32. U are getting some guns! Woot woot! U look awesome! Yes u need to fuel those muscles! Glad u do!!

  33. Jess, check out those guns girl! Get it!
    Love the eats, too, look delish!

    Congrats on *almost* being done with school for summer!!

  34. Such awesome progress!! I’ve been working on weight lifting more and I love it. 🙂 Makes me feel so strong. Keep up the good work.

  35. lovin those bangin muscles!

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