Posted by: Jess | June 7, 2011

Summer EATS + Leg workout

Hello loves!! I hope EVERYONE is in summer mode, or at least finding some time to relax, lay in the sun, and eat copious amounts of watermelon.

Last night I ordered some AWESOME foodie-related goodies online via a giveaway I won from Melinda for the NUTTY GUYS!! I ordered some coconut (COCONUT BUTTER!!), dates, cinnamon toffee almonds (nut butter!!), and almond flour. I’m pretty excited!!

Things have been pretty low-key over here…I’ve been working out, taking LOTS of naps, sleeping in! Overall just RELAXIN’ after such a tough academic year. I deserve some rest!

This workout is NOT relaxing to say the least, though…You MUST try it!! I am sore for days after…

adapted from one of April’s leg workouts—found HERE!!

  • Hamstring: 2 sets of 10 (105 lb)
  • Hip Adduction/Abduction: 5 sets of 10 (210 lb)
  • Leg Curl: 2 sets of 10 (70 lb)
  • Standing Calf Machine: 2 sets of 12 (170 lb)
  • Calf Presses on Leg Press Machine: 2 sets of 10 turned in/2 sets of 10 turned out (120 lb, per leg)
  • Glute Pushback Machine: 2 sets of 10 (95 lb, per leg)
  • Step Ups: 1 set of 15 (30 lb, per leg)
  • Sumo Squats: 2 sets of 15 (43 lb)
  • Squats: 2 sets of 15 (43 lb)
  • Lunges: 2 sets of 10, per leg (43 lb)
  • Stiff Leg Deadlift: 2 sets of 10 (43 lb)
  • Quad Machine: 2 sets of 10 (20 lb, per leg)

On the food front…


2 egg whites + 1 egg + mushrooms + vanilla Chobani +  watermelon


lettuce + green pepper + chicken + sweet potato + ketchup


lettuce + green pepper + mushrooms + tuna + sweet potato fries + roasted broccoli + roasted carrot fries + tomato + ketchup


the best mango I’ve ever had!!


vanilla Chobani + Kashi GOLEAN + strawberries/blueberries/blackberries/raspberries


same as above


chicken + broccoli + sweet potato


same as above


wrap w/ turkey & mustard + apple + banana/strawberries/blueberries


1. I’m obsessed with fruit in the summertime (more than normal anyways)…


2. I am a repetitive eater. Hey, what can I say? I enjoy what I eat!!

That’s all for now! I am off to eat a mango and watch some TV! Season premieres of White Collar & Covert Affairs, anyone? Please don’t judge. Oh, and eat several spoonful’s of Nutella. Pretty normal night!!

❤ jess



  1. Nice leg workout, I’d be oober sore too!! I must say, your berry, chobani, kashi combo looks sooo good, I just LOVE berries this time of year! 🙂 I can relate with repetitive eating, once I find a meal I love, I tend to make it over and over and gorge myself with it until I get sick of it haha

  2. oh girl, i’m such a repetitive eater and i love summer fruit is my favorite seasonal food! congrats on your giveaway win! i’ll be expecting recipes from all your new ingredients! 🙂
    also, i must go make a yogurt and berry parfait. the drool from your pics is ruining my textbook (i’m done tomorrow night, woohoo!)

  3. I tend to be repetitive too. I love trying new things, but I always seem to crave the same things over and over- bananas, nut butters, fruit, chocolate, etc. I’m trying tons of new recipes and foods this summer, though! I want to be a pro cook by the time I move into my apartment this fall 🙂

  4. Mmm, gotta love Nutella!!

    Watermelon makes a HUGE appearance in my life in the summer as well!
    What a leg workout out girl! I would be sore as evaaaaa

  5. aMEN for repetitive eaters!! thats the number 1 thing i get bashed about on my blog!… gahh!!… awesome workout girl and yay for ordering goodies!!

  6. So glad you’re getting some R&R after a big year! Keep enjoying your time off! 🙂

    LOVE all the colorful fruits and veggies… definitely one of my favorite parts of summer is all the delicious produce!

  7. Nothing beats seasonal produce!!!! 😀 Yum.

  8. all your food looks so fresh and yummy!!
    i am SUCH a repetitive eater to the point of either geting really sick of certain foods or just craving them more! haha.
    have fun relaxing 🙂

  9. I have to try that leg workout…it does seem like a killer!!

    And your food honestly looks delicious. I love fruit more in the summertime, too. I don’t know what it is about the weather, but fruit is just BETTER (don’t get me wrong, I love fruit no matter the weather, but in the summer, it seems more like a treat).

    Since you love fruit just as much as me, I thought I would share with you this recipe I tried yesterday. It was AMAZING!

    Sorry if you already knew about it!

  10. I am a repetitive eater too…gotta love the simplicity of it, right?

    I’ve been eating fruit lately too and I normally don’t really care for it at all! Must be the weather??

  11. Leg workouts are my favorite. I did one today, but it wasn’t that killer as I wanted it to be so I may do it again tomorrow.

  12. Daaaaaang girl! GREAT workout!!! I love working out my legs 😀

    Eats look amazing as usual! I’m diggin’ all those fresh BERRIES! They look so fresh!
    Haha and don’t worry; my eats are repetitive too! There’s nothing wrong with eating it everyday if it’s good right? 😉

  13. I am the same way too. I eat the same things over and over. Only because I love them so much 🙂 PS That sweet potato looks way tasty!

  14. WOW! great workout and GREAT eats!!! we eat kina the same 🙂 I am such a repetitive eater.. no shame!

  15. its gonna feel like christmas day when that package gets there!!

    ive been eating sooo much fruit 🙂 isnt it the best when its hot out!?

  16. Sounds like you ordered some yummy stuff! Can’t wait to see what ya make with them!

  17. repetative eating is the only way to go. my sister calls me so boring bc i literally buy the same ingredients every week @ the grocery store.

    at least we’re all in it together!

  18. you food looks so yummy and fresh

    i eat TONS of fruit in the summer.. LOVE it

  19. mmmm all that food looks delicious!!!!!

  20. Seasonal, colourful and fresh. I am Looking forward to eating some juicy watermelon.

  21. Sounds like a killer leg workout! Love it 🙂 Also love all the fruits and veggies… perfect for hot summer days. Have a great weekend!

  22. So glad you have some time to relax! I agree about the fruit. I’ve been eating a ton, too ; )

  23. I AM a repetitive eater. I love certain foods. Right now it’s cottage cheese, cereal, and sweet potatoes. Seriously it’s all I want to eat and I’m actually okay with eating them everyday 🙂 I mean if it’s what I want then why should I force myself to eat something I don’t want!
    Trying new things is fun! but I love the comfort of a nice bowl of cereal on a hot day 🙂 Eventually I move out of the I want this everyday phase but it might not be for a few months haha!

  24. I get obsessed with fruit and berries in the summertime too! The seasonal fruits are just so juicy, flavorful, and delicious! I love it!
    Have a great weekend, Jess! 😀

  25. That bowl of berries looks so delicious! mmm mmm mmm

  26. You definitely deserve some rest and relaxation girl! I hope you have an awesome weekend and get to have a ton of fun:)

  27. Eeee I just cut up some watermelon today! It’s gonna be around a while – it’s seeded and takes FOREVER to eat 😛 But it’s so good & summery!

  28. me too! mango and pineapple are my staples!! love that.

  29. Awesome summer meals girl! I love sweet potatoes and watermelon! :]


  30. I’m a repetitive eater too, which is why I don’t blog about the food I eat. It’s pretty much the same (with a few minor changes) each day! Like you, I loveeeee fruit in the summer, more than normal. It’s so good, and cheap 🙂

  31. I’m totally a repetitive eater too. I just like what I eat! 🙂 all of your goodies sound so delish, especially the coconut butter and dates.

  32. Watermelon is by far the greatest thing about summer! I can’t eat enough of that stuff.

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