Posted by: Jess | July 25, 2011

Week Off From Liftin’

Hey all you LOVELY ladies!! And hey to any gents out there, too Winking smile 

I’m currently nursing the WORST SUNBURN OF MY LIFE. Um, yeah. I would take some pictures, but this pretty much sums it up.

To clarify: I applied sunscreen TWICE but somehow forgot to do my face the first time! And I COMPLETELY forgot about my legs. I’m dumb.

To explain the sudden BURN, I’m on VACATION—WOOP WOOP!! Here are some snacks I packed in my suitcase…


Can you tell that PowerBars were all on SALE this week?! They are not my go-to bars, as I prefer REAL food, but they are good when I am lying on the beach burning my face off and HUNGER STRIKES!!


I’ve decided to make this a “Week off from Weight Liftingactive recovery week! I’m focusing a lot on yoga and bike riding around the beach where we’re staying. I’ve been making some major strides in my lifts, so my body’s feeling a little bit beet beat up (HAHA, GET IT?… no? oh, okay).

I’ve also been UPPING the food!! Not as in overeating, but as in better FUEL for my body, my workouts, and my life. Kristi recently had an AWESOME post on fueling yourself, HERE. GIRLS, listen up…

WE NEED LOTS OF FOOD! I can say, from personal experience, that ruining a metabolism is NO fun. I’m still working on repairing it!!

Okay, that is all Open-mouthed smile



sweet potato + broccoli + chicken w/ avocado


lettuce + green/red pepper + tomatoes + three-bean salad + avocado + sweet potato + flank steak + hummus


2 egg whites + 1 egg + vanilla Chobani + blackberries/blueberries + banana + PB


sweet jazz apple + sweet potato + chicken w/ avocado


my boyfriend’s dessert, also known as vanilla ice cream with homemade hot fudge sauce, whipped cream, and a cherry


vanilla Chobani + Optimum blueberry cinnamon cereal + blueberries + Kroger natural crunchy PB


broccoli + apple + artisan flatbread w/ avocado & all-natural deli ham


sweet potato + turkey-spinach meatloaf

Stay tuned for a “7 LINKS POST!!” Thanks Alexandra!!

& I have other awards/tags I need to complete!! Sorry about the delay!!

I also need to work on a “Blogs I Love” List…I read so many amazing & inspirational blogs. This could take a while Winking smile  PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT if you want to be included on my blog list!! Just to make sure I get them all!!

Y’all rock. Seriously.

❤ jess




  1. Enjoy your week off! I’m loving all your eats 🙂 I also prefer real food to bars but sometimes when you need a quick snack they aren’t too bad.
    I also LOVE all your foods 🙂 so delicious

  2. omg please cook for me! hahah, your eats look so fresh and yummy!
    i just discovered jazz apples a couple weeks ago..i never knew they existed and bought them by accident! i’m glad i did 🙂
    enjoy your vacation!!

  3. Thanks for much for the shout out girl! You are a great example of fueling well…you rock!!! Have fun on the beach…that sounds amazing right now. 🙂

  4. Thanks for the reminder of not trashing my metabolism! Food is fuel and fuel is great. I love feeling energized! I always pack food when i go away on vacation, I hate being stuck hungry without something in my purse 🙂

  5. So sorry that you got sunburned! I hope you feel better really soon! All of your food looks so delicious!!

  6. Yay for proper food fuelage and rest days!! Enjoy the time off and the yummy eats my friend! You know something, I gotta say you just plain rock Jess. You advocate eating well with AH-MAZING FOODS, you fuel workouts properly, and you’re always so optimistic and happy! 😀
    Have a great vacay, hope you get a killer tan 😉

  7. i love that cute dessert bowl & all your vacation treats! i’m not a huge fan of powerbar nutritional stats but i do weirdly like the flavors & texture! plus, those suckers do not melt in the heat! odd, but good for the beach!

  8. I got SO burnt recently too! I forgot to put the sunblock on my face hehe

    yay for recovery weeks!!

  9. those powerbars looks good, but i usually prefer clif or luna bars. 🙂

  10. My favorite part of being highly active is getting to eat a lot! 😉 I hope your burn gets better! Owwie.


  11. YIKES! sorry for the sunburn! id love to be on your blog love list!

  12. Hope your having a great vacation! Your eats look yummy.

  13. Ahhhg I am always so jealous of your eats! So yummeh. I’m going to go read that other post now 🙂 Hope you have a great vacation!! Aloe that burn UP!

  14. Come cook for me. Seriously. (:

  15. Sorry about your sunburn – I am notorious for getting awful burns.

    I’m not a huge powerbar fan either, though I do really like their energy chews.

  16. Enjoy your week off!
    I’d love to be on your blog list, I’ll put you on mine 🙂
    and great reminder for us girls – we do need a lot of fuel!

  17. Ughh I’m sorry about your sunburn! I have been meaning to update my blogroll too 🙂

  18. I prefer “real” food, too, but when hunger strikes, it’s better to have healthier options on hand at least. Plus a sale is a sale! I’m a huge fan of sweet potatoes, too. Sweet potatoes + broccoli were made for each other!

  19. I’ve never seen someone who loves sweet potatoes as much as me 🙂

  20. yes!! enjoy yoga, vacation, and good food!

  21. Have a great week off!! Those are totally necessary!

  22. Sure hope your sunburn is better. It is sure something that nobody wants to deal with because it is usually so painful!!

  23. Mmm… your boyfriend’s ice cream sure does look tasty. 😉

  24. All of those bars look amazing! I wish we could get so much goodness over here in the UK! 🙂

  25. Augh, take care of that sunburn! Those things can hurt like crazy! Love all the eats… those sweet potatoes look perfect.

  26. Oh no, too bad about the sunburn! Hope you feel better!

    Good idea bringing snacks on vacation! Hope you have a great time!

  27. i swear you are my idol- you always pick up the best energy and food bars out there and your collection is beyond impressive! not only that, but you stay true to being a sweet potato connoisseur! ❤

    the only sucky thing is that you have a nasty sunburn right now!!! i feel for you girl, last year i got one too and i remember the pain that went on for days! only hopefully,, in your case, it heals up much faster! HUGS ❤


  28. Yep, Powerbars are only good for LONG workouts, like my biathlon tomorrow!! I’ve got them packed and ready to go 🙂

  29. Did I not comment on this?!HUH I thought I did!

    Hope your sunburn is better by now! And good timing on the week off 😉 I’m taking mine right now too!

  30. hahah super jealous of that power bar sale.

    enjoy vacation!!!!

  31. OMG drooling, seriously girl jeeze! Have a fabulous week off 🙂

  32. AWESOME looking real food! i love food in its pure natural form-so beautiful. i love how you contrast the colors on your plate, too 🙂

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me now where you got that INCREDIBLE smiley face bowl!!!
    i love it so much 🙂

  33. Me too! I went white water rafting and the sun reflecting off water burned me bad. My muscles even ache. I was going to go for a run tomorrow but I am going to be applying aloe and chillxing. hurts to walk

  34. YAYYYYY VACATION! Sunburns are definitely no fun at all though; keep an aloe vera gel bottle around! 😉
    And I agree on the eating more; I’ve actually been upping my food intake as well! It’s amazing how different you feel, no?

    Have a great vacation!

  35. I had the worst sunburn too!!! Who do you think is going to win the bachelorette!?

  36. Hope your burn is better by now! And hope your trip was wonderful!

  37. I swear to goodness….i come hear and I drool and drool and listen to my stomach growl. LOL!! Your food is always so fancy!


  38. I LOVE when protein bars go on sale!

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