Posted by: Jess | August 8, 2011

Longest. Post. Ever.

HELLO ALL!! Phew, it’s been far too long since I last posted. This post is a doozy, so feel free to scroll around as you please Open-mouthed smile 

Side note: I am ADDICTED to vitamin water zero. As you can see…




I am so, so behind on my Google reader. Like 200+ behind. But I have been enjoying my summer to the FULLEST! I can’t complain about that. Sometimes blogging has to take a backseat, or it can become an unhealthy hobby in my opinion. Unless it’s your full-time job or something Winking smile 

Whole Foods breakfast on SATURDAY with my daddy! So fun & SO GOOD!!


shrimp and asparagus frittata + potatoes + blueberry compote/cinnamon apples + eggs (some with cheese, some without) + maple sausage + a few candied pecans

I also went there for dinner last night…with my dad again! I am a lucky girl Open-mouthed smile


three different types of chicken + kale with veggies + cauliflower + roasted red and yellow peppers in a red sauce + white fish in herbs

I’ve received a good amount of products in the past couple of weeks that I’m STOKED to try out either through giveaways or product reviews! Or try again as far as the NuNaturals go (LOVE their products; they’re still in the box). P.S. Gotein GIVEAWAY coming soon!! Open-mouthed smile


Seven LINKS…

Thanks so much to all of y’all who tagged me!! I’m going to include posts from my OLD blog, because this blog is relatively new.

1. Most BEAUTIFUL: Week Off from Liftin’

2. Most POPULAR: Warriors Workout + Nut Butter Addict

3. Most CONTROVERSIAL: No controversy here, unfortunately?!

4. Most HELPFUL: Jessica’s Top 10 Ab Moves OR My Legs + Biceps/Triceps Workout

5. Surprise SUCCESS: Confessions OR Confessions Part II

6: Not enough ATTENTION: Uganda

7. Most PROUD: Getting Stronger IS Possible

If any of y’all have not been tagged yet, consider yourself tagged
Open-mouthed smile

After seeing the mini-meal idea on Carrie’s blog, I tried a day’s worth of mini-meals, and I REALLY enjoyed it!! It’s not something I can always do, but it kept me satisfied throughout the day. Collage_AutoCollage_11_Images

More foodie GOODNESS!


flat out wrap w/ hummus & natural ham + sweet potato + apple


peanut butter + banana a la the NUT BUTTER + BANANA QUEEN!!


grilled chicken + tomato + grilled veggies


Umpqua Oats (Lei’d Back) + melty peanut butter


broccoli. ha.


peanut butter + banana… FROZEN!! so yummy. perfect for the HOT HOT summer!!

Hope everyone has a FANTABULOUS week and beyond Smile. I’m off to do some summer reading. FUN (not).

Are you a fan of mini-meals? Or are you more of a three big meals a day kind of person?

Can I be BOTH!?


  1. oh GIRL love this big post!! AHH whole foods dates with the daddy are the BOMB! love it. and your meal looks awesome! LOVE the naners on hurr- its been too long since ive snacked on a naner+PB! love you!

  2. YEAHHH NANNER AND PB!!!! ho yes!! and umm vit water zero is DA BOMB! they dont sell it in london :O

  3. ah girly i missed ya! it made me smile to see your face pop up on my blog reader! 🙂 glad you’re enjoying your summer!

  4. Yay you’re back! I missed your posts and delicious eats so much my friend 😀 I’m telling ya, our tastebuds would be the greatest friends on earth, all of these meals are making me drool haha! 😛
    I’m so glad you’re having an amazing summer, LIVE IT UP GIRL!!

  5. I am def a fan of both mini and regular meals.. All in one day haha!! Great eats! Glad your whole foods trip was fun!

  6. you lie! this wasn’t THAT long =)

    I love vitamin water zero too!! Especially the lemonade one 😀

  7. you totally have me currently with WICKED harsh vitamin water zero craving!!! guess I’m going to have to get some tomorrow!! it’s too late this evening!!

    and man! i want to be your sis so I can get WF twice in two (?) days with your family!! i didn’t know they had breakfast!? or maybe I did, but I just have never gone that early!? sooo cool!! everything looks delish!!! 😀

  8. Yummy eats girl!! I like lots of snacks too throughout the day!! More yummy food that way!

  9. LOVE all of your mini-meals! I’m definitely a mini-meal/snacking type of person. It lets me choose exactly what I’m craving at the time and never feel overly hungry.

    And I’ve totally had steamed broccoli on it’s own before haha… so good!

  10. I eat 6 times a day! Pretty much 3 meals, and 3 snacks. It’s what works best for me 🙂 All your eats look great!

  11. Oh I want to eat at Whole Foods right now, yum! I’ve never went there for breakfast. That would be fun!


  12. Love your 7 links. Whole Foods is like heaven to me..amazing!

  13. Whole Foods!!! Yummmmy! I prefer many mini meals, but with my job I find myself doing 3 meals a day.

  14. I need BIG meals…but not too big. Small meals never fill me up, today I devoured turtles at three cause my lunch was too small….thats turtles the candy not reptile 🙂

  15. I can totally count on you for sweet ‘taters! 🙂 I’ve been loving Vitamin Water myself lately.

  16. its a banana nut butter snake!!! hehe ❤ im kind of obsessed with bananas, which sounds wrong, but its because i like to think of them as little snake friends you can decorate with nut butters, chocolate chips, candies etc.

    im all for your long posts because it means im going to get double the photos, and your food photos never dissapoint!

    im jealous that you got to go for breakfast AND dinner with ur papa 🙂 good 'ol father daughter bonding 🙂

    omg and GOTEIN!! so want to try that!! ❤

  17. ps. i noticed you have me on your blogroll so i returned the love and added you to mine 🙂 xoxo

  18. I think I’m both too!! I love mini meals, and that’s normally how I get through the day, but I Also love sitting down to a nice meal at least once a day. You’ve got to!

  19. girl i am addicted to vitamin water too. It has the best flavors and nutrition!! And yum whole fooooods. aka the way to my heart haha. I had it last night and i was in heaven. I would be so broke if i had one in my town. It would not be pretty for my wallet LOL.

    I do mini meals but my main meals usually are still bigger. i ❤ food. 😉

  20. You can definitely be both! I vary from day to day.
    Your food always looks so good!!!

  21. Oooh freezing the banana before putting on the PB? Clever! I’m all over that idea!

  22. Rocking date with the daddy! I love it!!!

    I love mini meals…I could eat all day long!! LOVE IT!


  23. Fun post. I am a fan of mini meals, but moreso big meals because I’m a ‘quanitity’ type of girl more than anything. But snacks are good, too!

  24. you should get an award for the freshest looking food. seriously, it always looks so crisp and delicious!! haha!

  25. I am addicted to Vitamin Water too. Oh my god. So good.

  26. All the food looks so delicious!! I didn’t realize that Whole Foods had such an awesome looking breakfast!!

  27. Mini meals are my favorite!!!! I find that works good for me! Or 3 meals and 2 snacks! Love vitamin water too!! Love u!!!

  28. I’m a three meals and a snack girl, but I’ve never tried the mini meals, so who knows!

    I used to downnnnn Vitamin Water Zero like it was my JOB.

  29. definitely a snack/graze kinda girl. i always eat a big breakfast and graze the rest of the day 🙂
    the ONLY way i eat bananas is either frozen or with PB…never thought of doing BOTH at the same time though!

  30. I’ve never gotten the Whole Foods breakfast, but clearly I need to, because it looks awesome!

  31. i’m a mini meals gal too. More fun that way! i must try the forzen banana/pb trick!

  32. woooowwww so much good food! howd u make that little collage?

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