My Food Philosophy

I believe that food is fuel. While I hold that to be true, that does not mean it should not be enjoyed or that it should simply be “fuel.” When I say food is fuel, I mean that our bodies require ENERGY to move, think, write, sing, exercise, and even breathe. Why not fuel it with the best possible “gas” out there for optimal performance?

I tend to follow a 90/10 philosophy. As in, 90% of the time I eat healthy, exercise, drink water, etc, but the other 10% is for enjoying “treats.” I’ll be honest, some times it’s 95/5 and others it’s 80/20. Life is not all about food, it’s about much more than that. We should not live to eat, but rather eat to live.

My food “obsessions”:

  • Nut Butta: peanut butter, almond butter, pumpkin butter…I love it all! And eat it everyday 🙂

  • Fruits/Veggies: sweet potatoes, broc, cauliflower, corn, carrots, mushrooms, peas, apples, bananas, berries, just to name a few! I am obsessed with fruits and vegetables.
  • Oatmeal: I love oatmeal, especially when topped with warm, oozing nut butter. ohemgee.
  • Greek Yogurt: I love to pair it with cereal and fruit as my “go-to” breakfast.
  • Protein: chicken, fish, steak, eggs, cheese (Vermont cheddar and provolone!) and shrimp are my favorites. I need protein to fuel my body after hard workouts, and these are my faves. I aim for at least 100 grams/day.



  1. I love your food philosophy, and YOU 🙂

  2. I totally agree with your food philosophy. All your pictures have me drooling 🙂

  3. Fab philosophy, we have similar tastes indeedy!

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