I’ve been practicing yoga for over two years. Nothing has done more for my sanity, flexibility, attitude, stress-relief, and body.

I started by taking classes at my gym twice a week, which helped me build an understanding of the practice and the poses. I quickly fell in love with the challenge underlying each pose. Sure, down dog may look easy, but once you’ve held it for several breaths your shoulders will start to talk!

I prefer Vinyasa Power Flow’s to Hatha, but Hatha yoga definitely has its place. The gentle stretching often found in Hatha yoga is perfect for after a tough workout.

If you don’t have access to yoga classes, here are some FABULOUS links.

Another reason yoga is SO fabulous is because you can do it anywhere! You don’t even technically need your mat. Just download some yoga to your ipod, grab your mat & throw it into the car, and hit the road! That’s what I did last spring break.

“There are no rules in yoga. You can just lie there in child’s pose for the entire 60 minutes if you want to.” (often said by one of my favorite yoga teachers)

What about Bikram?

I’ve attended a couple of Bikram yoga classes, and LOVED them! But, I cannot pay hundreds (or thousands!) a year to go whenever I want. It was about 10 bucks a class, and for a high school girl that’s completely out of the question. But, I definitely enjoyed it when I went. When I’m older I’d love to go deeper.


  1. Just stumbled across your blog! I see we share the same love for yoga 🙂 Look forward to reading your updates. Betty xxx

  2. I love that quote, “there are no rules in yoga.” So true! Awesome last pose – the side plank modification.

  3. this awesome! I love vinyasa flow too girl!

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