Posted by: Jess | February 22, 2011

Valentine’s Day Breakfast+FAQ

Heyyyy!! Happy Tuesday night. (which means it’s almost Wednesday, so HAPPY [almost] HUMP DAY as well!)

Like my logic? Winking smile

I just HAVE to share with y’all the Valentine’s day breakfast I made for my family!

On the menu:

~whole wheat blueberry pancakes



~heart-shaped sausages

~the obvious toppings: peanut butter paste/peanut butter, pumpkin butter, real maple syrup, and butter

I also sprinkled the pancakes with some red sprinkles in honor of V-day Smile

DSC_0132 - CopyDSC_0134 - CopyDSC_0135DSC_0136DSC_0138 - CopyDSC_0139DSC_0140DSC_0142DSC_0144DSC_0147

I used THIS recipe for the pancakes!!
More eats lately!!

DSC_0148DSC_0150DSC_0268 (2)DSC_0269 (2)DSC_0270 (2)DSC_0271 (2)DSC_0324DSC_0328DSC_0330DSC_0332DSC_0334DSC_0336DSC_0337DSC_0338DSC_0341DSC_0342DSC_0345DSC_0346DSC_0347DSC_0348DSC_0349DSC_0350DSC_0353DSC_0355

I started SOCCER this week! Um, soreness! I wasn’t sore until tonight really. New MUSCLES in my legs that haven’t been worked since last season. HELLO CALVES & HIPS!
Which means HELLO FOAM ROLLER! Open-mouthed smile
Question: Would you all be interested in doing a FAQ?! I’d love to answer some questions!!

❤ jess



  1. mmm yummy pancakes!

    never tried a foam roller before after workouts, but heard they work wonders 🙂

  2. Pancakes = LOVE!
    Have fun with soccer! I played when I was little and played on a casual league in high school with some friends and had a BLAST!

  3. i LOVE your Vday breakki! how cute!! YES YES I would love an FAQ!

  4. That is the cutest breakfast 🙂
    I would love for you to do a FAQ!

  5. Ahh I’ve been dying to try the lemon Chobani. What did you think of it?

    Yeah, a FAQ would be awesome!

    Ahh, soccer memories. I used to play soccer in a city league, but I was mostly a dancer growing up. The one time they made me play goalie I did the splits to stop the ball. Whoops.

    Also, those pancakes look delish. Especially with the sprinkles – I approve 😉


  6. I spy a heart shaped plate! How adorable 🙂
    We never had soccer at my school, but it sounds like a blast – and an awesome workout. Do foam workers work for soreness or are they an.. exercise? I’ve seen them in stores but have never really known what they were for.

    I’ve been reading your blog for a little while and love it, and tagged you in a blogger award and finally had an excuse to comment – so hey, love your blog! 🙂

  7. Yuuuum! Q&As are always fun!

  8. Oh I love your heart shaped sausages!! Such a cute idea.
    You know what else I love?? My foam roller. Yep, it’s awesome. Whoever invented those things is GENIUS!

  9. i played soccer for 7 years and LOVED it!! have fun, girl!

  10. oh yes!! Foam roller indeed. What a special breakfast. You are the best!

  11. FAQ: Why do you blog? 🙂
    What do you like most about it?

  12. yumm! your eats look so good once again!
    I would love to know more about you and what made you decide to blog.
    And why did you call your blog one chaturanga at a time??

  13. Yumm! I love how you post so many pictures of the same thing:) I always have the HARDEST time deciding which pic to use! Your vday sausages are super cute, I would definitely try it out with my beloved soy sausage! PS when you leave a comment on my blog, it leads me over to your old blog…no big deal, but I thought I’d let you know!

  14. Awww, what an awesome breakfast you made <333

  15. That is an AMAZING Valentine’s Day breakfast. My Valentine’s Day breakfast was nothing special, definitely regretting that right now.
    Have a great weekend! 🙂

  16. I hear so much about the benefits of a foam roller but I am too lazy to figure out how to use it correctly. 🙂

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